# Create Cutscene

Grammar — Create cutscene inFilePath|Cutscene at pos or players players|Player Group with autoplaying inAutoPlay
FlagsNative | Action | Deprecated

Cutscenes are built using the Cutscene Editor and saved to .SC2Cutscene files. They can describe a complicated cinematic or a simple conversation. WARNING: The Sound action Play Sound Scene File also accepts .SC2Cutscene files, but old-style scene files are not compatible with this action.

# Arguments

  • string [ filepath ] — File Path
  • point — Position
  • playergroup — Players
  • bool — AutoPlay

Returns — int [ preset::Cutscene ]

native int CutsceneCreate(
	string inFilePath,
	point pos,
	playergroup players,
	bool inAutoPlay,

Category: Cutscene / Cutscenes

# Examples

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