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Inherits from
- None -


@requiredtoload ?
type = String

type = DescName   | default = Animation

@template ?
type = DescTemplateName

@file ?
type = FileDescName

@speed ?
type = Real32

Speed factor (defaults to 1). Can be a negative value, which makes it play in reverse.

@flags ?
type = EAnimationFlags
NoEventsWhileHidden Log Disabled



Specifies to what events animation will respond to, and what actions to perform.


Specifies driver of the animation timeline, as an alternative/addition to standard clock time.

Alternate types
type = Mouse CFrameAnimationDriverMouse
type = MousePos CFrameAnimationDriverMousePosition


Executive part of animation. It can alter various properties depending on the type of controller.

Alternate types
type = Visibility CFrameControllerVisibility
type = VSkew CFrameControllerVSkew
type = HSkew CFrameControllerHSkew
type = LayerUV CFrameControllerUV
type = Tooltip CFrameControllerTooltip
type = Texture CFrameControllerTexture
type = Text CFrameControllerText
type = State CFrameControllerState
type = StartingAngle CFrameControllerStartingAngle
type = Sound CFrameControllerSound
type = Property CFrameControllerProperty
type = LayerColor CFrameControllerLayerColor
type = Rotation CFrameControllerImageRotation
type = Style CFrameControllerFontStyle
type = Fade CFrameControllerFade
type = Event CFrameControllerEvent
type = EndAngleOffset CFrameControllerEndAngleOffset
type = Enabled CFrameControllerEnabled
type = Dimension CFrameControllerDimension
type = Desaturation CFrameControllerDesaturation
type = Cutscene CFrameControllerCutscene
type = CutsceneProperty CFrameControllerCutsceneProperty
type = CutscenePropertyReal CFrameControllerCutscenePropertyReal
type = Counter CFrameControllerCounter
type = Color CFrameControllerColor
type = Blur CFrameControllerBlur
type = Command CFrameControllerCommand
type = AnimationSpeed CFrameControllerAnimationSpeed
type = Animation CFrameControllerAnimation
type = Anchor CFrameControllerAnchor
type = AdjustmentColor CFrameControllerAdjustmentColor
type = ActorMsg CFrameControllerActorMsg

Controllers drive what the animation actually does, whether it shows/hides something, moves it around the screen or changes its color. There are many different controllers to achieve different things and the list continues to grow over time. There are quite a few components to individual controllers, but the primary attributes are Type, End and Frame. You can also give controllers a Name which is useful for overriding templated animations. Many controllers will have additional attributes specific to that type of controller. Inside a controller you will find a sequence of “Keys” which perform specific actions at specific times in the controller’s timeline.