# Set Dialog Item to Use Aspect Uncorrection

Grammar — Set dialogItem Use Aspect Uncorrection flag to useAspectUncorrection for players

By default, the offset X and offset Y values of a dialog item*“s position will be corrected for the aspect ratio of the window showing the game. This function is to prevent that conversion from happening. It”*s useful for cases where you want to feed in design coordinates and not have them aspect corrected.

# Arguments

  • int [ control ] — Dialog Item
  • bool — Use Aspect Uncorrection
  • playergroup — Players

Returns — void

void libNtve_gf_SetDialogItemtoUseAspectUncorrection(
	int lp_dialogItem,
	bool lp_useAspectUncorrection,
	playergroup lp_players,

Category: Dialog / Dialog Item Size And Position

# Examples

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