# Turn Animation Properties On With Blend In/Out

Grammar — Turn animation properties prop|Animation Properties on for target, blend in using blendInAnimation|BlendIn, and blend out using blendOutAnimation|BlendOut

Enable a special animation property, play the Blend In Animation when the property is turned on, and play the Blend Out Animation when the property is turned off. The unit must be set up to use the specified animation property. An example of an animation property is “Fly” for Terran production buildings. If the unit is not set up to use one of the Blend Animations, then it will ignore it. Use the Turn Animation Properties Off action to turn off the property that was turned on by this action.

# Arguments

  • actor — Target
  • string [ modelanim ] — Properties
  • string [ modelanim ] — Blend In Animation
  • string [ modelanim ] — Blend Out Animation

Returns — void

void libNtve_gf_TurnAnimationPropertiesOnWithBlendInOut(
	actor lp_target,
	string lp_prop,
	string lp_blendInAnimation,
	string lp_blendOutAnimation,

Category: Animation / Basic

# Examples

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