# Force Follow Unit Group with Camera

GrammardoDoNot force following the active unit group for player player with the camera
FlagsNative | Action

Toggles whether the camera is forced to follow the active follow unit group. If it is not forced to follow then it will rely on the player’s local follow state.

# Arguments

Returns — void

native void CameraForceFollowUnitGroup(
	int player,
	bool forced,

Category: Camera / Camera Tricks

# Examples

# campaigns/voidstory.sc2campaign


// L6658
CameraForceFollowUnitGroup(1, true)

# mods/heroesbrawlmods/brawlmapmods/coop/escapefrombraxis.stormmod


// L9873
CameraForceFollowUnitGroup(auto35A7B0B1_var, false)
// L10035
CameraForceFollowUnitGroup(lv_playerIndex, false)

# mods/heroesdata.stormmod


// L1065
CameraForceFollowUnitGroup(lp_player, false)

# mods/missionpacks/novacampaign.sc2mod


// L5777
CameraForceFollowUnitGroup(1, true)