# Store Real

Grammar — Store real value as key of section section in bank bank
FlagsNative | Action

Stores a Real value to the specified Bank. The Section and Key parameters determine where the value is stored in the bank file, and must be used to load the value later. You must save a bank after storing a value, otherwise the value will not exist to load later.

# Arguments

  • bank — Bank
  • string — Section
  • string — Key
  • fixed — Value

Returns — void

native void BankValueSetFromFixed(
	bank b,
	string section,
	string key,
	fixed value,

Category: [Bank / Store & Load](/galaxy/reference#bank-store &-load)

# Examples

# mods/heroesdata.stormmod


// L2026
BankValueSetFromFixed(lv_localBank, "Debug Menu Options", "HeroLevelXP", libCore_gf_GetTotalXPForLevel(FixedToInt(libNtve_gf_DialogItemValue(libUIUI_gv_uIDebugPanel.lv_levelSlider, lp_localPlayer))))