# Set Animation Time

Grammar — Set the identifier scaled|Absolute/Scaled animation time for target to time

Skips ahead in an animation, chosen by the Identifier parameter, to a time chosen by the Time value. If the Scaled parameter is set to Absolute, the time will be set according to the actual length of the animation for the model. If the Scaled parameter is set to Scaled, the time will be set relevent to the animation length determined by the actor controlling the animation.

# Arguments

  • actor — Target
  • string — Identifier
  • fixed — Time
  • bool [ preset::AnimationScaleOption ] — Scaled

Returns — void

void libNtve_gf_SetAnimationTime(
	actor lp_target,
	string lp_identifier,
	fixed lp_time,
	bool lp_scaled,

Category: Animation / Advanced

# Examples

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