# Global Cinematic Setting (Fixed Seed On/Off)

Grammar — Turn global cinematic setting onOff

Turns on/off the aspects of cinematic mode that are not player-specific, such as game speed. This will also turn on fixed random seed, so random rolls done while in cinematic mode will come out the same every time it is run. These settings affect all players, so this action should not be used if some players in a game are viewing a cinematic while others are not. This action is intended to be used in conjunction with the “Cinematic Mode” action.

# Arguments

Returns — void

void libNtve_gf_GlobalCinematicSettingFixedSeedOnOff(
	bool lp_onOff,
	bool lp_fixedSeedOnOff,

Category: Cinematics / Cinematic Mode

# Examples

# mods/core.sc2mod


// L2130
libNtve_gf_GlobalCinematicSettingFixedSeedOnOff(lp_onOff, true)

# mods/starcoop/starcoop.sc2mod


// L718
libNtve_gf_GlobalCinematicSettingFixedSeedOnOff(true, false)