# Effect History Entry Weapon

Grammar — Weapon for effect history history entry index
FlagsNative | Function

Returns the weapon that originated the effect that was logged in the Effect History at the specified Index. If the effect came from an ability rather than a weapon, this will return No Game Link.

# Arguments

  • effecthistory — History
  • int — Index

Returns — string [ gamelink::Weapon ]

native string EffectHistoryGetWeapon(
	effecthistory inHistory,
	int inIndex,

Category: Effect History / Entries

# Examples

# mods/heroesdata.stormmod


// L1959
EffectHistoryGetWeapon(lv_effectHistory, lv_itEffectHistoryEntry)

# mods/heroesdata.stormmod


// L9364
EffectHistoryGetWeapon(lv_history, lv_itEntry)