# Alliance Setting

Base type — int

Name Identifier Code
Ally libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_Ally 0
Ally With Shared Vision libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_AllyWithSharedVision 1
Ally With Shared Vision And Pushable libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_AllyWithSharedVisionAndPushable 2
Ally With Shared Vision And Control libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_AllyWithSharedVisionAndControl 3
Ally With Shared Vision, Control, And Spending libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_AllyWithSharedVisionControlAndSpending 4
Enemy libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_Enemy 5
Enemy With Shared Vision libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_EnemyWithSharedVision 6
Neutral libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_Neutral 7
Neutral With Shared Vision libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_NeutralWithSharedVision 8
Neutral With Shared Vision And Pushable libNtve_ge_AllianceSetting_NeutralWithSharedVisionAndPushable 9

Category: Player / Support

# Examples

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