# Set Cutscene Filter

Grammar — Set the filter of inCutscene to inFilter.
FlagsNative | Action

Sets the filter for a cutscene (removing any previous filters). Any nodes with a non-empty filter property that does not match this value will be filtered out of your cutscene.

# Arguments

  • int [ preset::Cutscene ] — Cutscene
  • string — Filter

Returns — void

native void CutsceneSetFilter(
	int inCutscene,
	string inFilter,

Category: Cutscene / Cutscenes / Filters

# Examples

# mods/heromods/firebat.stormmod


// L362
CutsceneSetFilter(CutsceneGetTriggerControl(libUIUI_gv_cargoOverlay.lv_cargoOverlay_Cutscene[lv_triggeringPlayer]), "Active")