# Catalog Field Value Get Flags As Integer

Grammar — Value of flags catalog entry fieldPath for player player as an integer
FlagsNative | Function

Returns the value of a CFlags or CFlagArray field for an entry as an integer so bitwise math can be done on it. Use catalog lookup functions to retrieve a data value or other information from the game data. To find the name of a field path, open the data editor and turn on View Raw Data.

# Arguments

  • int [ preset::CatalogType ] — Catalog
  • string [ catalogentry ] — Entry
  • string [ catalogfieldpath ] — Field Path
  • int — Player

Returns — int

native int CatalogFieldValueGetFlagsAsInt(
	int catalog,
	string entry,
	string fieldPath,
	int player,

Category: Catalog / Lookup

# Examples

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