# Catalog Reference Get As Real

Grammar — Value of reference for player player as an real

Returns the value of a field for an entry as an real. Use catalog lookup functions to retrieve a data value or other information from the game data. To find the name of a field path, open the data editor and turn on View Raw Data. For example, if you wanted to get the unit for the first index of a train ability, your field path string would be “InfoArray[0].Unit”.

# Arguments

  • string [ reference ] — Reference
  • int — Player

Returns — fixed

fixed libNtve_gf_CatalogReferenceGetAsReal(
	string lp_reference,
	int lp_player,

Category: Catalog / Lookup

# Examples

# mods/core.sc2mod


// L1817
libNtve_gf_CatalogReferenceGetAsReal(lv_ref, c_playerAny)

# mods/starcoop/starcoop.sc2mod


// L17675
libNtve_gf_CatalogReferenceGetAsReal("Effect,DehakaHealAmountPerEssenceDummy,Amount", lv_player)
// L17676
libNtve_gf_CatalogReferenceGetAsReal("Effect,DehakaMaxLifeAmountPerEssenceDummy,Amount", lv_player)