# Set Alliance Aspect For Player Group

Grammar — Make all players in players|Player Group treat each other as inAllianceId ally

Changes alliance aspect settings for all players in the player group. Each player applies the requested alliance aspect setting to every other player in the player group.

# Arguments

Returns — void

void libNtve_gf_SetAllianceAspectForPlayerGroup(
	playergroup lp_players,
	int lp_inAllianceId,
	bool lp_ally,

Category: Player / Alliances

# Examples

# mods/starcoop/starcoop.sc2mod


// L12327
libNtve_gf_SetAllianceAspectForPlayerGroup(lv_itPlayerGroup, c_allianceIdDefeat, true)
// L30049
libNtve_gf_SetAllianceAspectForPlayerGroup(lv_itPlayerGroup, c_allianceIdPower, true)