# AI Difficulty Index

Base type — int

Name Identifier Code
Advancing Front Line of Waves c_diffPressForward 0
Enable Repairing in General c_diffRepairDamage 1
Fleeing from Attackers when Low Health c_diffFleeDamage 2
Optimizing Gas Harvesters c_diffOptimizeGas 3
Defending with Peons c_diffDefendWithPeons 4
Not Seeing Enemies without Scouting c_diffNormalVision 5
Throttling APM c_diffLimitAPM 6
Throttling APM only in Combat c_diffLimitAPMCombat 7
Autoloading Bunkers c_diffAutoLoadBunkers 8
Repair Very Early in the Game c_diffEarlyGameRepair 9
General Usage of AI Danger Maps c_diffEnableDangerMap 10
Wave Usage of AI Danger Maps c_diffWaveAvoidDanger 11
Usege of Melee Game Target Priorities c_diffNormalTargetPrio 12
Early Defense Scouting (for proxies) c_diffEarlyDefenseScout 13
Spot Changelings c_diffSpotChangelings 14
Use Extra Base Scouts c_diffUseExtraScouts 15
Make Workers Flee Enemies c_diffFleeWorkers 16
Move Away From Danger/AoE c_diffFleeDanger 17
Hold Firm at Home Chokepoint c_diffHoldAtIdleChokes 18
Allow Resource Requests c_diffAllowResourceReq 19
Advanced Retreat Logic c_diffAdvancedRetreatLogic 20
Support AI Comm Beacons c_diffSupportsBeacons 21
Auto Build Prereqs c_diffAutoBuildPrereqs 22
Allow Building in Danger c_diffAllowBuildInDanger 23
Timeout Make Requests c_diffTimeoutMakeRequests 24
Set Rally Points c_diffSetRallyPoints 25
Allow Long Distance Mining c_diffAllowLongDistanceMining 26
Balance Peons Across Bases c_diffBalancePeonsAcrossBases 27
Wave Leashing c_diffWaveLeashing 28
Target Spawners c_diffTargetSpawners 29
Delay Advanced Targetting c_diffDelayAdvTargetting 30
Auto Transport c_diffAutoTransport 31
Split Attacking c_diffSplitAttacking 32
Allow Transport Gather c_diffAllowTransportGather 33
Avoid Targetting Mind Controlled c_diffAvoidMindControlled 34
Allow Kiting c_diffAllowKiting 35

Category: AI Advanced / Presets

# Examples

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