# Get Scout

Grammar — Get which unit should scout for player player in slot indexSlot. If known the previous scout was previousUnit|Previous Scout
FlagsNative | Function | Deprecated

Returns a unit that will be the next scout for a player. The Previous Unit parameter is optional (pass null to it if it is undesired). If no Previous Unit is specified, then this will always return a new scout. If Previous Unit is specified, then this will return that unit, unless there is a better unit type available for scouting, in which case it will return a new unit of that type.

# Arguments

  • int — Player
  • int — Index Slot
  • unit — Previous Unit

Returns — unit

native unit AIGetScout(
	int player,
	int indexSlot,
	unit previousUnit,

Category: AI Advanced / Scouting / Functions

# Examples

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